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Mi’kmaq Expressions

Welcome to Mi’kmaq Expressions. This is the place where our poets can showcase their talents in writing by expressing themselves poetically. Poetry can enter your mind and your heart with words that make you see something clearer, feel something more, remind you of a taste, a smell, a sound of long ago or just yesterday. Poetry is more than words put together, it is a dance with your heart and mind. So this is an invitation to all Aboriginal poets to submit their poetry so our community members will have a chance to see the creativity that is inside each of us.

I spy by Brad
Inspired by Drew’s grade 4 collage

A Blanket of Mickey’s and a few Winnie the Pooh’s,
A Squirrel, a Bear, and a Big Brown Moose.
Four Tornadoes and Fourteen Hockey Pucks,
A Blue Bird on a House, and a Red Fire Truck.
Three Purple Flowers, and a Bell that Chimes,
A Watch and a Clock that Help Tell the Time.
A Dinosaur and Three Babies Asleep,
A Candy Cane and Four Pairs of Feet.
Anne of Green Gables and a Flower Filled Swan,
And a Musical Piece called “My Heart Will Go On”.
A Shirt that Helps Practice, and Three Hockey Gloves,
A Big Green Tent and Two Sisters that Love.
A Golden Teddy that Sits in a Chair,
Four Anchors that Hang and a Ring of Checkered Squares.
A Goal, and a Score, and a Penalty too,
And Twenty Seven Faces of a Boy Named Drew.

Maybe Someday by Julie Pellisier-Lush

While I sit watching TV I think maybe someday
While I cook dinner at night, I think maybe someday
While I brush my teeth, I think maybe someday
While I climb into bed, I think maybe someday
While I lay down my head and fall asleep I live all of my some days
one after another a doctor, a lawyer, a lover, a fighter
in my dreams is where my some days come true…
While I wake up the morning, I think maybe someday

Cold Enough by Tiffany May Sark

As she grew older
She would sit by the fire to warm her bones
I remember her waiting on me, as if I was a princess
My grammy, how she loved me
Taught me to be so generous
If it is cold, sacrifice for others
It was late Janauary and icing on the trees
I could see outside my window
Grammy could barely walk but handed me her
Favorite comforter, it was knitted by her withered hands
How she made me feel like a princess
Now it is my turn to give it back to her
I walk over and snuggle her in the blanket
She says you take it princess, I am not cold enough
She was shivering

My Love story by Misti Myers
Through the dawns of their lives
their love left unmeasured
utter devotion to one another
this burning desire to love
As the moon shone down upon her body one night
he lie there thinking what a beautiful sight
He touched her body ever so slightly
from her head down to her toe
her smooth dark skin
the warmth of her body
he fell in love with her all over again
Every morning she wakes to his embrace
her Indian warrior sound asleep
sun shinning down upon his face
week and timid he lie there still
in the arms of his woman
a place no other could fill
One night the moon hid its face in deep regret and sorrow
for the Woman’s fierce Indian Warrior died in battle
for her there would be no tomorrow
She lie by the side of her Indian Warrior and cried
The sun would never set and the moon would never rise
she picked up his knife and then closed his eyes to live
this life without him seemed to be so grim
so she plunged his knife into her heart
for it was already broken and torn apart
The Great Spirit saw these things
and with a loving heart
he took their Spirits home
so that they would never be alone
he took them to heaven
way up above
and made them the keepers
of true love.

Standing Alone by Julie Pellisier-Lush

I am
I am alone
I am alone tonight
I am alone tonight watching
I am alone tonight watching the stars
I am alone tonight watching the stars way
I am alone tonight watching the stars way up
I am alone tonight watching the stars way up high
I am alone tonight watching the stars way up high wishing
I am alone tonight watching the stars way up high wishing I was
I am alone tonight watching the stars way up high wishing I was not so
I am alone tonight watching the stars way up high wishing I was not so alone.

Fireplaces to Smoke Alarms by Tiffany May Sark

Warm amber fire, delight me with your embrace.
The tempered night is so long
For the one I truely love has so much distaste
Distaste for life, I would of never known
A mask perhaps, I should of known
When he first held me close to his heart
Once fire was not to difficult to start
Sitting alone, in front of the warm fireplace
Him in bed, not a place for haste
Now what is left is a screaming fire alarm

Circles by Julie Pellisier-Lush

Circles circles everywhere, even inside of me
Dream catchers, medicine wheels, and full pregnant bellies
We are born, we grow strong, we give birth and grow old

So be careful what circle you choose in life
the paths can sometimes be hard to see
Choose the good path when you can
as you may have to repeat and repeat and repeat it

Circles circles everywhere, even inside of me
They have no start and also no end, they go on and on forever

The Spirit by Tiffany May Sark

Within your self
There is a place
Called spirit
This place will give you the answers you need
To survive what may come and what has already happened
You may ignore spirit, that is fine
What is important is that you understand
That your spirit is not there to hurt you in any way
But it is there to heal and aid in your self discovery
Do not be afraid and talk to your spirit

The Jingle Dress by Julie Pellisier-Lush

Jingle jungle jangle
As her dress moves up and down
Jingle jungle jangle
As her feet softly touch the ground
Jingle jungle jangle
Are the sounds her dress does sing
Jingle jungle jangle
Is the gift her dance does bring

Around and around the dancer, moves her body to the drums
Everyone around can hear, the pretty sounds pass by
Her dress was made by loving hands and shows a story of our past
Jingle jungle jangle, I hope these sounds will last

Community by Julie Pellisier-Lush

My reserve is where I am from, where everyone knows who you are and who you were
Where people love you unconditionally despite all your flaws
Where they can be mad at you in a heart beat, and get over it just as fast
Where there are few personal possessions that you can call your own
Where one income makes more than your own family rich
Where every meal is made with three extra portions and will sit on the oven
to wait till no more company will come for the night
Where one person’s tears become a community sorrow and one person’s joys can lead to a group celebration
Be it a birth, a marriage, graduation or death, it is a time to be together no matter how small the home
you must go, everyone will gather, everyone gets a place and soon every place has a person
No one is alone in the community I am from, you are loved and forgiven and belong just right there