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Indigenous Justice Circles


Services Provided

One of the major focuses of the program is the circle process. Circles are provided as an alternative to formal court process that is more inclusive of the needs of the Aboriginal communities and offender.  

1.  Conflict-Resolution Circle

This Circle Process provides willing individuals the opportunity to actively address their conflict within an environment that supports healing. This Process will enable people to resolve conflict before it becomes a criminal activity, or to prevent conflict that is arising in the community. This Circle can be provided one-on-one or in a group setting.

2.  Early Intervention Circle

This Circle Process is designed for offenders at the pre-charge and post-charge stage of criminal proceedings. It enables the offender to have their criminal prevention of further criminal activity. It relies on the input from the community and victim to craft recommendations which will provide a healing process for the offender, the victim, and the community.

3.  Sentencing Circle

Sentencing Circles are used when the accused is to be sentenced for crime(s) committed. The Circles can either be part of the formal court system with the judge being present or can be held outside of the formal court without the judge being present. If the judge is not present the recommendations from the Circle are presented to the sentencing judge for consideration, although the recommendations from the Sentencing Circle are not binding.


4.  Healing Circle

Healing Circles provide healing and in some cases mediation. A crime does not need to take place to participate in this Circle. These Circles can be provided in jails and youth centres and can have as few as 3 people involved.

5.  Reintegration Circle

A reintegration circle is used to assist the individual who is coming out of custody that needs help reintegrating back into the community by providing support and resources to ensure a successful transition.