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Indigenous Justice Program Mission Statement

The Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI Indigenous Justice Program (MCPEI IJP) focuses on providing Indigenous people and their communities with a greater role and voice in the administration of Justice on PEI. This involves creating dialogue, developing programs and services. 

The IJP also works to facilitate the understanding between Indigenous people and the mainstream Canadian Legal System by transferring information and expanding knowledge.  This program is jointly funded Justice Canada, through the Indigenous Justice Strategy, in partnership with the government of PEI’s Office of the Attorney General.

The IJP is unique in that we report to an advisory committee, made up of representatives from Lennox Island, Abegweit First Nations, PEI’s AWA and Native Council of PEI.

Vision and Mission
MCPEI IJP has worked to create an environment that allows Indigenous people to self-administer justice by building a traditional justice system based on holistic community values.  This program provides Indigenous people to access customary forms of justice, and creates awareness, relationships, and respect among Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities which unifies our people and to connect culturally. 

Indigenous  people on PEI can speak as one, with one history, as one voice for justice.
MCPEI IJP has aided the communities to begin to take ownership for Indigenous justice issues through the establishment of appropriate programs that reflect the unique cultural needs of Indigenous people of PEI. This program has improved and strengthened the understanding of each other’s uniqueness through both training and cross-cultural sharing. It has helped build a better future for all Indigenous people by facilitating ownership, responsibility, accountability, and respect.