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Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Mi’kmaq Land Use Project
The Mi’kmaq Land Use Project (MLUP) began in November 2004. The MLUP is a “Living Memory” community mapping endeavor with contributions received from the people of Lennox Island First Nation and Abegweit First Nation. The mapping and documentation of hunting grounds, fishing, cultural sites and other natural resources, provides the Prince Edward Island First Nations with a preservation of Aboriginal knowledge for the present and future Mi’kmaq generations.

Over 200 interviews have been completed to date. Interviews are still being conducted. A new contest has started with the winner receiving a one night stay in Charlottetown for two, as well as a gas, a dinner and a movie certificate.

The Journey of the Black Ash Project
In the spring of 2007, the Mi’kmaq Confederacy of Prince Edward Island (MCPEI) received funding from the Model Forest Network Partnership for the Journey of the Black Ash Project. The project included searching for 600 Black Ash seedlings that had been planted in 2003 through a joint project with MCPEI, Parks Canada, and the Department of Forestry. Once found, the trees were to be GPS’d (Global Positioning System) and measurements taken of the height, diameter and health. From the gathered information, a database was created. The Black Ash trees are to be revisited every five years and the database updated.

A pamphlet was designed on the Journey of the Black Ash. The pamphlet was produced by conducting oral interviews of the First Nation uses of the Black Ash, as well as taking pictures of Black Ash basket weaving.

On Lennox Island First Nation and Abegweit First Nation, MCPEI planted over 100 Black Ash trees. The Black Ash trees were obtained through the Greening Spaces Program of the Department of Forestry. The newly planted Black Ash trees were GPS’d, measured and added to the database.

Black Ash Seed Production Project
Money has been received from the First Nations Forestry Program to look into the feasibility of gathering Black Ash seed from Crown land. Various sites were visited and any Black Ash trees were GPS’d. This phase has now been completed. Talks with the Department of Forestry are being conducted to see what further work can be done.

Mi’kmaq Place Names Cultural Preservation Project
Developed and produced a map of Mi’kmaq Place Names on PEI for the Culture and Heritage Section of MCPEI.

St Anne’s Church Fundraiser
Designed a pamphlet / poster to be used to help raise money for St. Anne’s Church renovations.

Chief Mary Bernard Memorial Women’s Shelter
Worked with the Shelter Coordinator to design a brochure outlining the Shelter’s services.

Developed and produced various posters for the Child Protection Act Review, the Canada Business Workshop, and the Mi’kmaq Photo Contest.