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22 Aug 2013

Mi'kmaq Legends drawing bigger audience

Clip of Mi'kmaq Legends performance on CBC PEI News website


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Julie; Richard

Julie Pellissier-Lush:

Julie; Richard

Julie Pellissier-Lush:

Laurel; David

Laurel Smyth:

Shawna; Dion

Shawna MacDonald:

Shawna is a 24 year old graduate of The Private Institute of Hair Design and Aesthetics.  She has lived in New York City pursuing her acting career.  This is Shawna’s first year with Mi’kmaq Legends.  Shawna would like to pursue a career in the film industry.



Riley; Sage; Sean

Riley Bernard:

Riley is 19 years old and graduated from Colonel Gray High School in 2011.  This is his second summer with Mi’kmaq Legends, but his first year on the stage.  Riley is a talented guitar player, he has played for 4 years.  His special talents include parkour, sketching and basketball.  His favorite shows are Adventure Time and Ninja Turtles.


Kindra; Morgan; Ocean

Kindra Bernard:

Kindra is a 16-year old high school student at Morell Regional High School. Her work experience as an actor includes Mi’kmaq Legends as directed by Cathy Elliott in October of 2011, Mi’kmaq Legends 2012, and she also works at Robins Donuts during the academic school year. In her spare time she loves to play soccer, basketball, volleyball, and she loves reading psychological thrillers and true crime books.