Treaty Day events on October 1, 2022

The event takes place from 10:00 – 10:45 a.m. at the Government Office Courtyard (near flagpole/off Fitzroy St.) 

Event Description:

This event is to commemorate the fourth annual Treaty Day, a day that celebrates the Mi’kmaq people, culture and heritage and relationship between the Mi’kmaq and the Crown. The intention is to increase awareness and understanding in the province and promote reconciliation aimed at celebrating the Epekwitnewaq Mi’kmaq and the Mi’kmaq’s role in Epekwitk through the treaty relationship.

The event will include traditional song/drumming and it will also serve as an opportunity to continue dialogue on how to work together between the Mi’kmaq and the PEI government.

Indigenous Relations staff will also be organizing an event with the First Nations/EAC that will follow immediately after media availability. Light refreshments, drumming and dancing will be open to the civil service and members of the public.

 The event will take place as follows:

  • Official remarks
  • Gift exchange between Premier and Chiefs Bernard and Gould
  • Premier and both chiefs to raise the Mi’kmaq Grand Council flag to recognize and commemorate Treaty Day at the government buildings
  • Photo opportunity

Treaty Day Mawio’mi

The official event in the morning will be followed by a Treaty Day Mawio’mi in the afternoon. It is being hosted in Victoria Park and will provide an opportunity for all Epekwitnewaq (Islanders) to learn and participate in part of the Epekwitnewaq Mi’kmaq’s culture and traditions that have endured and kept us strong. There will be learning opportunities for all who attend, as much of the drumming/songs, dances, and teachings will be explained to the public.

This event is led by the First Nations, hosted by the Epekwitk Assembly of Councils, and presented as a Mawio’mi that is open to all with educational opportunities to learn about Mi’kmaq culture, heritage, and traditions.

The Mawio’mi will begin at 12:00PM and conclude after 5:00PM. Host Drum is Lone Cry from Scotchfort.

There will be a tent set up in case of rain, which will also house light snacks/food and different learning opportunities. During each event there will be individual community members providing the demonstrations.

During the day the MC will run through each event to explain what is happening and why. This provides an opportunity to include teaching components for the public. There will also be other teachings throughout the day around topics such as the eagle feather and why it is significant to the Mi’kmaq, the various types of drums and what each is used for and by whom, and the Sacred Fire and why it is important. Below is an agenda that outlines the schedule of events.

Treaty Day Mawio’mi Agenda

October 1st, 2022

11:30am                              Registration


  • Grand Entry
  • Veterans Song
  •  Flag Song
  •  Posting of the Flags
  •  Opening Prayer: Keptin Jim Bernard

12:30pm  Intertribal Singing & Dancing

12:45pm  “Waltes” Under the big white tent

Come and learn and play this traditional Mi’kmaq game with some of the best

1:30pm   “Kojua” Introduction & Competition

Men’s, Women’s & Children Categories

2:15pm    “Quill Art Demonstration” Under the big white tent!

Come in and learn about this beautiful art form

3:00pm “Storytelling” Join our traditional elders/knowledge keepers as they share stories about the Mi’kmaq Culture, Traditions & Legends

3:45pm “Basket Weaving” Under the big white tent

Learn about the process used to create beautiful Mi’kmaq Ash Baskets

4:30pm Give Away Ceremony and Grand Exit

5:00pm Feast

Event Poster:Treaty Day Poster