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The Epekwitk Assembly of Councils

The Epekwitk Assembly of Councils is the joint forum that oversees and governs organizations that act in the shared interest of Abegweit First Nation and Lennox Island First Nation.

Bringing together the Band Councils of Epekwitk’s First Nations communities, the Assembly currently administers two organizations that are provincial in scope: L’nuey and the Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI

The Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI’s role is to deliver shared programs and services on behalf of both First Nations, as well as, serving as a Tribal Council that provides advisory and technical support to each First Nation’s administration.

L’nuey’s mandate is focused on protecting and advancing the Aboriginal and treaty rights of the Epekwitnewaq Mi’kmaq, including negotiations, consultation, and governance development.

Chief Darlene Bernard darlene.bernard@lennoxisland.com

Councillor Madlene Sark madlene.sark@lennoxisland.com

Councillor Charlene Campbell charlene.campbell@lennoxisland.com

Chief Junior Gould

Councillor Chris Jadis

Councillor Jacob Jadis

Councillor Sheri Bernard

Governance Structure


Established in 2019, L’nuey is an initiative that focuses on the advancement, implementation, and protection of the constitutionally entrenched rights of the Epekwitnewaq Mi’kmaq (Mi’kmaq of PEI).