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The following statement is issued on behalf of the Mi'kmaq Confederacy of PEI:

October 18, 2016
The Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI has received a request from Premier MacLauchlan, the first such request, that MCPEI waive its client privilege and provide the Auditor General access to relevant legal files at McInnes Cooper regarding efforts to regulate E-gaming, subject to legally binding non-disclosure agreements.
In the spirit of cooperation and transparency, MCPEI has notified its solicitors, McInnes Cooper, that it will permit the release of relevant files to the Auditor General with the exception of information related to 3rd party non-disclosure agreements*.
Both Chief Francis and Chief Ramjattan welcome the opportunity to provide the Auditor General with relevant information and  look forward to any updates that she may provide to the public and the Public Accounts Committee.
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*Non-disclosure agreements are legally binding contracts that prohibit the release of any information disclosed or discussed with third parties. There were several third parties negotiating with the Province and MCPEI in relation to being licensed pursuant to an EGaming regulatory framework. These corporations provided propriatary information that must, by law, be protected.  
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                 Welcome to the Mi'kmaq Confederacy of PEI


Working together to enhance the lives of

Mi’kmaq on Prince Edward Island, now and in the future.


 The Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI (MCPEI) is a common forum for the two PEI First Nations to address outstanding issues related to Aboriginal and treaty rights. It is a tribal council and provincial territorial organization (PTO) governed by a Board of Directors with membership from the band councils of Abegweit and Lennox Island First Nations. 
MCPEI promotes knowledge and understanding of Mi’kmaq rights by conducting research, developing and implementing initiatives, and building relationships necessary to resolve issues in a cooperative manner.  It provides a common forum for the two First Nations of PEI (Abegweit and Lennox Island First Nations), and is the unified voice for the advancement of Treaty and Aboriginal rights.   


MCPEI is guided by the following core values: 

Respect: we honour and value the diverse viewpoints and beliefs of all individuals, and promote collaborative relationships that are based on trust, understanding and acceptance.  

Tradition: we strengthen, promote, preserve and protect Mi’kmaw culture, beliefs and heritage for current and future generations.

Excellence: we are committed to developing, delivering and maintaining services of the highest quality.

Integrity: we are dedicated to ethical and professional conduct in all aspects of our activities, practices and interactions.

Sensitivity: we are compassionate, mindful and understanding of others’ feelings and circumstances; and will conduct ourselves in a way that is encouraging and supportive.


MCPEI Vision Statement

PEI Mi’kmaq are self-determined and self-sufficient; and the Mi’kmaw community is understood, prosperous, safe and culturally vibrant.










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