Our New Brand Story

As an organization dedicated to supporting an empowered Mi’kmaq and Indigenous community in the journey towards self-determination, we wanted to create a brand that was equally empowering and future focused.

Based on our new strategic plan, our identity is built around the goal of discovering the path ahead with our core values at the heart of everything we do – community, collaboration, and culture. We work hand in hand with our community members, partners, and allies to create positive change, while cherishing and preserving our rich cultural heritage for future generations.

Our new identity captures the essence of Epekwitk’s vibrant culture and beauty, intertwining colours that reflect its natural landscape and elements central to Mi’kmaq and Indigenous cultures. Featuring many traditional and sacred symbols, our logo highlights the unique connection to land and the interdependence of all forms of life.

By honouring traditional teachings in our brand identity, we feel empowered to excel in the work we do. Join us in our commitment to fostering a strong, vibrant, and self-determined Mi’kmaq and Indigenous community. Together, we can discover the path ahead.

We would like to thank the Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and community members who played a role in guiding us through the path that led to our new visual identity.